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By Eva Tihanyi

The Largeness
of Rescue


The big theme—perhaps the only theme—is the narrative that unfolds between the bookends of our birth and our death.  Each of us is born into a time and place—our present—and must answer the questions only we can answer for ourselves:  Who are we? What will we do?  What choices will we make?  The Largeness of Rescue helps us travel along our own storyline by doing what the best art does so well: engages us with ourselves and with our world, and encourages us to slow down and consider our very humanness.


Eva Tihanyi

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all keeping safe during this surreal time. Writers and artists create in solitude, so let’s make the best of our isolation. I’m holed up in my study working on a new poetry collection (Circle Tour) and looking forward to re-connecting with you in the “real world”.  In the meantime, be well, stay sane.

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“Tihanyi’s “work is concise and compressed, lucid and complex at the same time. Although the stories are short in length, they are deep and rich in references that reward a reader in much the same way that poetry does: there’s more here than meets the eye.…”

Isabel Huggan


“Eva Tihanyi’s stories embrace the paradox: ‘Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.’ From stories of heart-breaking cracks in relationship, to fresh takes on such women as Billie Holiday and Mary Leakey, this is graceful writing that tells a truth only fiction can tell.”

– Kim Echlin


“Eva Tihanyi’s stories are exquisite paintings rendered in words-layered, textured, evocative-suggesting what is and the ghost-like presence of what was, and what might be. Truth and Other Fictions seduces with concision and a delicious tension between object/subject, interior/exterior worlds, and the possibilities and impossibilities of truth.”

– Anna Camilleri