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Wresting the Grace of the World

Poems on finding grace in the everyday world chronicles three aspects of life’s journey: the quest for a spiritual dimension, a long poem on the disintegration of a marriage, an exploration of erotic love.


Eva Tihanyi has recreated a journey common to us all: trying to find grace in the world of everyday life. This book chronicles three aspects of the life journey. The first is about the quest for a spiritual dimension. The second is a 17-section long poem recounting the disintegration of a marriage. The third uses photography as its central metaphor to explore erotic love.The experiences at the center of the poems are universal. Lyrical and accessible, Wresting the Grace of the World neither obfuscates nor confuses. Tihanyi’s maturing craft is evident in this powerful marriage of style and content. There is a precision to her poetry and its use of imagery that will surely delight readers.